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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
I spent nearly two hours yesterday using my mad skillz to beat a nine-year-old in Brawl. I showed him no mercy and I brought out this adorable 9-year-old version of gamers' rage. Does that make me a bad person?
You have been sinned often do you play against them? I practically forced my nieces and nephews (I've got 25 of them combined, about 15 of them I've played against) into playing against me or the CPU all by themselves at level 9's and handicaps at maxed. They get frustrated and complain they are to tough or I don't go answer on them. I never go easy on anyone when it comes to Console games for Television. So Brawl is no exception.

Although I do have friends around my age who are competitively good and uses Zelda/Ike/Roy/Marth/Link(Played both Brawl and Melee if you didn't get it), etc, as you see that they use the more skilled players, they are barely matched when I use Peach. However...They cannot ever come close when I use Fox. My madman.

Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
I didnt know there was two hands.. My god it makes sense though! Was the second one a boss in Melee?
Crazy Hand was more crazier and a bit powerful than Master Hand. Play Classic on Normal to Very Hard and at a certain time, reaching Master Hand and taking his health halfway, Crazy Hand will appear. Or Event 50, the second before last in Melee, you can fight both at the very start.

So yeah, Crazy Hand was a secret boss.

Giga Bowser was also a secret boss in Adventure Mode and in the final event, which is Event 51 teaming up with Ganondorf and Mewtwo. Same requirement at beating Adventure Mode at a certain time, as well as only Normal to Very Hard is when you come across him.