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^^A suggestion for that last missing pokemon:

Volcarona @ Leftovers
Flame Body
EVs: 240 HP/ 216 Def/ 52 Spe
~Quiver Dance
~Fiery Dance
~Morning Sun
~Bug Buzz

This is another bulky fill-in to get rid of some of your fighting weakness. If you could get both PD's Gyarados idea and this on the team somewhere, you should be good to go. Just watch out for Stone Edge. (If you're at risk of that, Metagross should be a healthy switch-in to take the hit.)

Edit: It just occured to me that this is a gen IV team... Sorry. I can't really help there as I have no experience in the gen IV metagame. I guess this would be a good suggestion if you decide to take the team into gen V. xD