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Everyone of us do little rituals of some sort when collecting Pokémon. Like bringing along a certain Pokémon when you're going out to capture something, riding your bike on a certain path to hatch that pesky egg, or pulling a name out of hat when you want to RNG something and you just can't pick something on your own. So what are your rituals? Share your tips and tricks with the community.

For me, whenever I do a capture project out in the wild, I always bring along my Rosey (Roselia). I use her as my sweet scenter to draw in the mon, and when I've weakened it enough, I bring back Rosey in to either put it to sleep or paralyze. Makes the capture process easier. I'd recommend her to everyone. Just don't get her with Poison Point. You'll regret having that ability on her. And yes, Roselia is a girl. I don't care what the gender ratio is. SHE'S FABULOUS
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