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This is a Rated Pg 14 Fan Fic because of future violence and Romance..

New Rivals

I woke up at about five o clock in the morning to the sound of my alarm clock. I looked around a little scared before I noticed that it was only my alarm clock. So I went outside and ran into tall grass. While I was there a shiny Pikachu appeared, and electrocuted me. I started crying and ran back home and told my mom. She told me to go catch it, and gave me a Pokémon and a pokeball. So she gave me her happiny and I was like WTF who in the world is going to try and catch a Pokémon with a happiny. She told me to be graceful and I was like “ok”. So I ran outside again and went into tall grass. When I was there the Pikachu attacked me again. So I used my mother’s happiny. My mother had given me a list of the moves it has so I read it. When I saw them her happiny had: Charm, Sweet kiss, Fake tears, and Pound. That was the worst moment of my life. The Pikachu charged at Happiny with a Quick attack and sent Happiny flying into a tree. The happiny didn’t look to good but quickly countered with a Pound attack that barely did any damage. For that moment I hated my mother. The Happiny then kissed the Pikachu with a Sweet Kiss attack which confused itself. The Pikachu then tried to hit me with a Volt tackle but missed due to confusion and hurt himself gravely. So I took my chance and threw the Pokeball but missed. The Pokeball hit a tree and bounced onto the Pikachu’s head. The Pokeball started shaking and then glowed.

“OH YEAH I CAUGHT A PIKACHU” I shouted and went home. I threw the Happiny at my mom’s face. I ran upstairs and went to sleep only to wake up a few hours later. I packed my stuff and decided to go on an adventure. So I went outside and said goodbye, I took first step out of Eve town. I walked around in tall grass until a Spearow appeared and attacked me. I threw the Pokeball into the air and out came my Pikachu whose response was to shock me with its Thundershock attack and all the hair on my neck stood up. I looked at the Pikachu with fire in my eyes and the Pikachu just looked at the Spearow and charged at it with a Volt tackle. The Spearow flew backwards and it was knocked out. I continued up the route until I was stopped by a young male that looked around my age. He was dressed in a black and blue shirt. He also wore blue shoes and black pants. In his eyes I could see that he wanted a battle against me. He has a Riolu, Zorua, and Torchic. We started the battle. He threw up a Pokeball and his Zorua named Raime. I sent out my Pikachu named Sora. I thought that he sent out a Torchic due to Zorua’s illusion ability. He told his “Torchic” to use Dark Pulse. That’s when I saw through the Zorua’s disguise. I told Sora to counter with Electro ball but Raime was just to powerful and sent Sora flying into a rock and went right through it.

" Pikachu get up and use Volt Tackle quickly " I said as it's body was cloaked in a yellow glow and it charged towards Raime and somehow managed to knock it out. The Pikachu fell to the ground as it took some recoil damage. The male slightly smiled and sent out his next Pokemon which happened to be a Riolu. He told the Riolu to use a Force Palm attack on my Pikachu which knocked it out quickly. I looked at my Pikachu and sighed as the boy walked away with the Riolu right next to him.

" Oh yea, by the way my name is Naix and we will meet again " The boy said as he walked away and left me alone with a Pikachu that was knocked out. A gasp came from my mouth as I picked up my pikachu and walked to the Pokemon Center in Noon Town. The nurse looked suprised when she saw the shae that my Pikachu was in. A few seconds later she handed me my Pikachu and I left smiling.

This is all I have so far Hope you like it
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