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Quote originally posted by Lightning:
I was really excited when I was linked to this because it was so cool but then when I realized that the female trainer--honestly the only reason I'm at all excited about this game (she's so cute!)--got the shaft in this trailer, my interest kind of dropped. None of my favourites were featured in it so the only thing that made me happy was Bianca, haha. :'(

I too felt that the lack of the female protagonist also took much from the trailer. Yeah, GF has been horrible about male bias and I saw it coming from a mile, but it doesn't make it any more acceptable to me.

I'll (probably) still get the games, but do it while pretending that I never saw the trailer. It did almost nothing to excite me, meaning it wasn't very effective xD Seeing Arcanine in it (one of my least favorites) didn't help either. I'm always gonna dislike it, no matter how brutally and viciously it attacks a poor, innocent Seviper :/

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