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Chapter 4 – Preserias – God District

When was a worse time? Before, or after the Gods reign?

That is much like the topic of religion or politics. It wasn't something you talked about out loud, but always pondered in the crevices of even the most busy mind.

Preserias knew his own opinion, and knew that most would not agree to it. The Gods certainly would, though.

He believed that before, was the worst. Population in the billions in Humans alone, with not enough resources to feed all those mouths. Even then, men with their hungry eyes and women with their dull sense of protection multiplied. There was violence over food and shelter. In the most recent years before the Gods, Holy Wars. Religions whom survived the idea of supernaturals bent to the ways of blood. Even the nature-based, peace religions were forced into these brawls for the rights of their followers. Millions died, before the Gods took a stand. They killed many of the diseased, crippled, and elderly, leaving only what stands today. Continents were shifted, or completely destroyed off the map. Was it for a good reason? Yes.

The world had been in ruins. And the Gods gave order to a breeding frenzy. Sure, there wasn't much food now for the regular citizens, but it was better than starving for three days and eating whatever vegetation could grow in the wounded earth. Many alone died from poisonous herbs; hunger overwhelming them to the point of madness.

Sure, the Gods had more than enough to go around now, but they deserved it. At least they weren't breeding and wasting precious supplies. They made use of their space, so much of their own continent was fields and forestlands. It took four years for the trees to grow back; even with the held of nature Goddesses. Not just the humans, but every other species had screwed up. And they paid for it.


Bernkastel was one of the more obvious choices as an ally. As Daiki had stated, she had won twice in the games, thus was powerful and knowledgeable. She had experienced two different senarios; both handled differently and with skill. Only a handful of others had a skill that could even come close to hers. Survival. Bern, however, thrived in these games.

"Always, she has a few rules that, if met, can mean an alliance. I would say that she is more likely to wait for you to ask, than approach you herself. Her main concern would be protection for herself, and her other allies. So be sure you know who her allies are before you ask."

Preserias tapped the table with his finger. "As for your magic abilities, light can be used for distraction purposes. Set up decoys to swerve your enemies in the wrong direction. Blind your foes, or disorient them with flashing, moving balls of light. Light can be used to brighten caves and places of hiding. One would be able to travel at night just like the vampires, and gain ground much quicker in comparison to the other humans."
"Your plans will fail, my sweet lady. And when they do, your stories will be nothing but lies, your rebellion will be in vain, and war will rage for years until you are but a speck of dust." - Noh
"The lies of your world will be exposed. My rebellion will rein over your realm, and no longer will this time be plagued by war." - ???
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