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I'm not making this "RATE MY TEAM" because I know I suck and this team sucks just as well. I'm quite new to the competitive side of this game, and I wanna improve.

So, want advice. Thanks.

On EVs, I’ll write HP as HP, Attack as ATK, Defense as DEF, Special Attack as S-ATK, Special Defense as S-DEF, and Speed as SPD.

Now, I was once using a Trickroom Team on Pokemon Online, but it sucked because most of my Pokemon were slow. I decided to stop that and make a team that has just some elements of it so that it can win without Trickroom. Problem is, it still sucks.

Sure, I win about half or more on the time on there, but I know from experience with Yugioh's Dueling Network that winning on the internet doesn't necesarrily make you good. I want to get better.

1. Bronzong
Nature: Brave (+ATK, -SPD)
Ability: Heatproof
Item: Lum Berry
EVS: HP 252, ATK 252, DEF 6
Moves: TrickRoom, StealthRock, GyroBall, Explosion

2. Machamp
Nature: Adamant (+ATK, -S-ATK)
Ability: No Guard
Item: Iron Ball
EVS: HP 252, ATK 252, DEF 6
Moves: StoneEdge, IcePunch, Fling, DynamicPunch

3. Volcarona
Nature: Timid (+SPD, -ATK)
Ability: FlameBody
Item: Fire Gem
EVS: HP 6, S-ATK 252, SPD 252
Moves: QuiverDance, BugBuzz, FieryDance, HiddenPower(Electric)

4. Salamence
Nature: Rash (+S-ATK,-S-DEF)
Ability: Intimidate
Item: Draco Plate
EVS: HP 6, ATK 252, S-ATK 252
Moves: DragonRush, DracoMeteor, Earthquake, FireBlast

5. Jirachi
Nature: Adamant (+ATK, -S-ATK)
Ability: Serene Grace
Item: Leftovers
EVS: HP 252, ATK252, SPD 6
Moves: ZenHeadbutt, U-Turn, Trickroom, IcePunch

6. Dragonite
Nature: Adamant (+ATK, -S-ATK)
Ability: Multiscale
Item: ChoiceBand
EVS: HP 252, ATK 252, DEF 6
Moves: Outrage, FirePunch, ExtremeSpeed, Earthquake

Weaknesses of theteam:
Flying – Machamp, Volcarona
Ground – Bronzong, Jirachi
Rock – Volcarona, Salamence, Dragonite
Fire – Jirachi
Psychic – Machamp
Ice – Salamence, Dragonite
Dragon – Salamence, Dragonite

As you can see,this team is majorly weak against Flying, Ground, Rock, Ice, and Dragon Type moves. Of them, the Ground problem can be solved by changing to Salamence or Dragonite, but Rock remains difficult to overcome. Especially given the popularity of first-turn StealthRock, having too many Pokemon weak to the type could be quite risky.

I’ve already made my decision on taking out either Salamence or Dragonite. They do basically the same thing, except that Salamence has a larger arsenal of moves, and Dragonite is harder to kill.

I’m thinking of Espeon to solve the Stealth Rock problem. Forretress is weak against Fire, just like Jirachi, so I'm not sure on it. Also, this team lacks an out against Water Pokemon, except Volcarona's Electric Hidden Power. Given the popularity of Politoad and the Rain Team as a whole, this is a problem too. I want something for this as well.

I understand the problems, but don’t know the outs. Help me please.