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Hello Guys ill be making a tutorial because a lot of people have been asking this question how to insert you mini OW Sprite with it's 9(+)frames
Now let's begin.
Tools Needed:
1)Your OW Sprite (It's recommended to be 16x32)
2)NSE Classic (To Insert You OW Sprite)
3)IrfanView (To Index your Image To 16 Color)
4)GIMP (To optimize palette)
5)MS Paint (To Put a background for your OW sprite)
Ill will be easily making that in 6 steps



Open your OW Sprite and use any color (not included in the sprite) and make it a background to make the sprite transparent then apply that to the rest frames for your sprite


After you had put a background for all your sprite frames open a new MS Paint and make the pixels 144x32 then put the nine frames like this in same arrange because all the frames must be same in palette (its better to move them using keyboard to avoid messing up) the OW Sprite legs bust be same line and save the whole pic as PNG or BMP


Now we need to index the image so open it with IrfanView from Image menu choose Decrease Color Depth a small Dialogue will appear choose 16 colors (4BPP) then click OK save the image as PNG or BMP.

As you can see you have indexed your image but now the palettes are not arranged any sprite in a rom it's background color must be the first color in the palette so we need GIMP To do that.
open your image with GIMP im currently using V.2.8, from menu bar you choose "Image" ---> "Mode" the option "Indexed" Must be marked or checked you have to click or "RGB" after that click image,mode, then mark on Indexed again a small window must appear then you choose "Use web-optimized palette" then click on convert after that overwrite or save it.


Now your image is indexed and it's palette is optimized and all the frames have the same palette, here comes the hard part now we need to crop or cut the frames of the image back without messing the palette we will be doing that with IrfanView open your image with IrfanView then select the first frame or the first guy using the mouse press Ctrl+C after that open a new Irfanview window and press Ctrl+V if the image or the frame you have just pasted is not 16x32 pixels then you have to select it from the old image until it become 16x32 to check if your image was 16x32 or not after you pasted it press Ctrl+R to check the size if it was 16x32 then you are right and see and you have to do that for the rest frames and save each one
you must now have 9 frames with the same palette.


Open up NSE open your rom and choose the OW Sprite you want to replace then from file menu click "import"--->"import image"-->"Load"
and load your first frame as you saved it, next to the save button there is a button which is named "Image" change it to "All" then click save he will ask you to change the palette offset click on yes.

then click on frame arrow to change the frame of the original sprite then replace it with your second frame but instead of making him load all of the sprite make him only load image he shouldn't ask you to change palette offset

after that and do this for the rest frames and now you are done.(don't forget to save)

if you are facing any problems just post it and ill be happy to help.

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