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Quote originally posted by JungleNutz:
So not even a savestate would matter?
You really shouldn't use savestates in the first place, unless you absolutely cannot use the normal save system. Save states actually cause problems in and of themselves. Simple fact is, if you use savestates and get a bug, we can't confirm it's not caused by the savestate.

Quote originally posted by JungleNutz:
What else does this beta fix just bad eggs if that is so i really dont plan on using any of the pokemon that come from it.
It should also fix the resetting events and the trainers bug, where all trainers suddenly decide not to battle you.

Quote originally posted by JungleNutz:
A minor issue for me is the crazy about of rain it reminds me of minecraft sure its great but after it rain it gets a little bothersome
Quote originally posted by 0shawott:
I would really be grateful if you could prevent it from raining so much.
Yeah, it's summer as well. The unstopping rain doesn't really make any sense.

Quote originally posted by 0shawott:
One question though, when you add more of the Orange Islands in, will we have to create a new game?
No. You will be able to use a Beta 3.2 save to play it, but NOT a beta 3.1 save.
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