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Please do not double post just to say chapter 3 is in progress. Post only when you are actually posting the chapter or replying to a review. Again, check the rules please.
I know about his PJ's and it is an important part of chapter 3 maybe 4 the chapters are this length simply because I don't have thetime.
That's not an excuse readers will take into consideration though. If you don't have the time to save your work in a document (or even just use an online one via say google docs) then why should they have the time to read a rushed story when they can go to a different one that an author takes time writing out? Please don't make this mistake again as you seem to be giving the vibe of wanting to rush out content with such posts as above.

Editing and taking time making your work as good it can be is basically an essential part of doing something well, and not just with writing either. If you really cannot wait then that's your choice, but I wouldn't expect many consistent readers as a result.
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