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Quote originally posted by Vato:
Sup? It's me again. I must say... I couldn't stop laughing.
It's nice reading something that actually laughs of the mainstream Pokemon games, can't wait to see the evil guys that do evil things and say evil stuff (aka Team Rocket)
Team Rocket? hehehe you'll see...

Quote originally posted by Vato:
So you mean Red was like the "So Hardcore" Meme? :O
I've actually never heard of this Meme and if I have I probably already forgot about it...

Quote originally posted by Vato:
WTF to that
It's a scam where some guy pretends to be some "Nigerian prince" who needs money for a ransom or to keep his kingdom from ruin. The joke here was that Oak was duped by some guy who needed Pokemon and he was dumb enough to send them to him.

Quote originally posted by Vato:
The kind of excitement in that battle actually reminded me of a Ke$ha concert
Is that what you kids listen to nowadays? I'd heard about some Rebecca Black girl being
No but the two guys I used were musicians from the 70s or 80s eras I forget which ones but they're from an older generation.

Quote originally posted by Vato:
Aw, don't be sad I just didn't want to follow the game script for the entire story, it wouldn't be as entertaining.

Finished the FR/LG monotype a loooooong time ago. Not that anyone cares though.
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