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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post

Hihi, welcome to the club! Ahh finally a Shinx fan; welcome! :D I adore Shinx myself <3 Although I never knew how slow the Shinx family were; that's actually pretty surprising :o And it seems we have the same favourite Electric type Pokemon too! And the point about them looking cool whilst taking down those pesky bulky opponents is a great one; I can't think of a single Electric Pokemon that looks bad! So if you like Ampharos so much, what made you choose Shinx as your partner? :3
I knew I was forgetting to add something! note to self: don't write club intro posts half-asleep

Essentially, Shinx was what triggered my curiosity to use Electric-types, which was then followed by my subsequent adoration for them. I guess you can say I was late into the party regarding Ampharos in that I only used one for the first time in HeartGold. I also didn't really have any preference to use Electrics for a long time - that is, until I played Pearl on a whim and saw a Shinx in Route 202. It was instant love from there - I just found it too cute to not use! It also ended up being a great asset to my team... despite me kind of not realizing for half the game that I should have been teaching it Physical moves instead of Special, haha.

Since then, when I started replaying older games, I always found myself wanting to try out other Electrics. From Magneton to Galvantula, I've found the handful I've tried to be a pleasure to use.

It's also because of a strange aesthetic desire I have to use different Pokemon families in different clubs for whatever reason, and I've already picked Mareep elsewhere :P

Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
So do you guys think Pikachu works as the Electric type mascot or do you think another Electric Pokemon would've been a better choice? :3 I'd quite like to see Shinx as a mascot tbh, it's incredibly cute and playful and becomes incredibly powerful!
Pikachu's become so iconic that it's almost impossible for me to imagine something else as the mascot. I guess that fact makes it super very effective, haha! But I think there's a couple of other Electrics which could take its place, purely based on how they look. As you mentioned, Shinx would work well, and I suppose most of the other Electric rodents as well. Essentially, everything that's small, cute, and fluffy, haha.