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Quote originally posted by AlexOzzyCake:
Mm, I know how you feel, Shinx certainly is an utterly cute Pokemon! It's impossible not to love it at first sight <3 And I found it very interesting that there was an Electric type that early on in the game so I made sure to use one just like you x] And I love Shinx/Luxio/Luxray's physical style; it's a great tangent to the classic special attacking Electric types that we're so used to seeing! Unfortunately there weren't that many good physical Electric type moves to teach it :(
It really was a shock (pun not intended) to see that it was more physically inclined, but yes, it did make for a very interesting experience. I guess it also made for a good way to showcase Gen IV's physical and special split. Though its Special Attack stat is respectable, only having Thunder Fang as the best Physical STAB did hurt it quite a bit in its introduction. I was very happy to see it gain access to Wild Charge in Gen V, and having Superpower as a tutor move after Platinum was great for coverage.

If you don't mind me asking, would your opinion on the Shinx family change if Luxray were given a Dark secondary type? This is something I frequently see people discussing, and I was curious as to what another Shinx/Luxio/Luxray fan would think :)

I think that appearance-wise, Luxray fits the type in how menacing it looks (particularly its eyes) and Crunch STAB would be an intriguing addition to its arsenal, but I don't know if it'd be worth adding another common weakness (Fighting), particularly when it's fairly slow for an offensive Pokemon. The added resistances may be intriguing for in-game use, though.

Quote originally posted by AlexOzzyCake:
Which ones were your favourites? :D And how was Galvantula? It's one I've always wanted to try out using but never got round to it :o It's typing it very interesting indeed!
Galvantula was one of the Pokemon I was looking forward to using in B&W, and it certainly didn't disappoint. It's essentially another 'typical Electric,' capable of hitting relatively hard and fast on the Special side. It's very frail, but its Speed more than made up for it, and the combination of Thunder and Compoundeyes to increase its accuracy from 70% to a more managable 91% is pretty awesome. Also, STAB Bug + Electric moves actually have pretty decent coverage, haha.

The one that surprised me the most, however, was Electrode. I'm using one in a challenge in Sapphire, and I wasn't really expecting much from it just from looking at its Bulbapedia page - it's blisteringly fast, yes, but the rest of its stats were mediocre at best, and it didn't really have access to any decent offensive, non-Electric moves. However, ever since I've picked one up, it's been doing relatively well on my team. Because of its speed, it works well as a support member, with mine having Light Screen and Screech, allowing it to set up on or cripple anything it can't hit with Thunderbolt.

To sum it up, my favourite was certainly Galvantula, but really, they were all pretty interesting to use. If anything, the only one I've found 'disappointing' in any way was Electrike/Manectric, but that's only because I used one in Gen III, where the only way to get Crunch for coverage was to breed it in (which I was too lazy to do at the time, haha). It did well in my team, but it didn't have any support options outside of Thunder Wave, which isn't as effective as what Electrode has going since whatever Manectric can't hit with Thunderbolt, it can't hit with Thunder Wave :P

Quote originally posted by TheAC29:
Well, Luxray's stats are a bit balanced and its Attack is a little higher and the design makes Luxray looks so vicious and more confident to fight its foe. That's why chose Luxray as my partner. :)

I disagree with what I underlined! Look at how cute it is--

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erm. Or maybe not.