Thread: B2/W2: An Altered Type Chart
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While Ice-type attacks are extremely common (and for good reason), Ice-type Pokemon themselves are usually underwhelming and not seen often - too many glaring weaknesses to common attack types, no resistances to speak of to aid the team. That's what I'm talking about. Of course Ice is great offensively, it just feels wrong that the Pokemon with that namesake are so often forsaken in lieu of Water-types! Giving Ice even one more resistance would help a lot.

Poison-types are fine defensively, but offensively they could use a boost. For instance, if Steel-types retained their immunity to the Poison status ailment but took neutral damage from Poison attacks, that would help a lot. The only things that use Poison-type attacks are Poison-types that have a good coverage move that can hit most Steel-types, since no one likes to waste a turn on an already bad attack if a common type can switch in on it for free.
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