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This is a small hack to of Pokemon Silver version which builds Nuzlocke battle style in those games. Basically, if your Pokemon faints, it will die instead and will be gone forever. It will also be impossible to get Revives & Max Revives in the game (in case I don't put in a special case like being able to obtain one just like Master Ball).

Other than that, some NPC text is edited to make them not say something like this: "You can heal your fainted pokemon in PC.".

Add-ons for Pokemon Gold & Crystal

I may create patch files that also support nuzlocking Pokemon Gold & Crystal (this one works mostly for Gold but I'd recommend patching over Pokemon Silver (U) rom instead to prevent more bugs from occuring).


These two screenshots are from the early game: In the first one, Pidgey has clearly died and the second screenshot is taken straight after the battle when pokemon menu is opened. Pidgey was basically removed from the party right after the battle ended.

I know the second screenshot doesn't say a thing and could have been taken any other time as well but there isn't really anything worth showing screenshots of. The idea of the hack is just for Nuzlocke playthroughs, that's all!

Pokemon Nuzlocke Silver 1.0.ips

Liogerzero's Let's Play
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My Rom Hack

CP of encountered pokemon in GO

Learn how to hack GB/C games:

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-The video set uses Pokemon Silver (U) rom for demonstrations
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