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Quote originally posted by Jellicent♀:
The Achroma Machine seems to affect the Crustle in Seaside Cave, from what serebii has revealed.
Yeah, it affect Iwapalace in that cave so you can go to Plasma's ship =)

Quote originally posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire:
Uh in Black's Black city one can buy stones so one can proably find them there in B2W2 too.
Perhaps' Ghetsis dropped the C-gear after escaping.
Yeah, but White players don't have Black City xD
Um... I don't think it's Ghetis... from what I could read the talk was rather formal...

Quote originally posted by Jellicent♀:
Also, do the colored Shards have a confirmed location?
There are lots of them hidden.
And also there's a dude that gives plenty of red shards... I don't remember where exactly but it's before you meet the first move tutor (that way I could get Ice Punch for my Lucario :D)

Anyways I found one Water Stone in Dust Cloud but it really seems to be the only way...

EDIT: YES! I've finally found Water Stone! It's pretty hidden in the water path of Route 19. So anyone who wants to have Vaporeon, get your Water Stone while it's still fresh
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