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Here's what I think so far

Now that Poison Heal Gliscor got Roost and Stealth Rock back, it's harder to KO with physical moves and can provide support other than Toxic and Sub + Baton Pass respectively.

Serperior finally gets something to hit Steels with! (Aqua Tail) Dragon Pulse is also useful.

Golurk got more moves to abuse Iron Fist with (elemental punches, Drain Punch)

Haxorus didn't get Fire Punch, but it got the closest thing for dealing with Ferrothorn: Superpower. Aqua Tail is also useful in Rain teams

Durant finally has a reliable way for Steels (Superpower)

And I don't get why Kyurem didn't get Ice Punch, while Zekrom gained ThunderPunch.

Earth Power + Dark Pulse is finally legal on Hydreigon. The same can be said for Spikes + Stealth Rock + Leech Seed on Ferrothorn and Stealth Rock + Sucker Punch on Bisharp.