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Originally Posted by dragonomega View Post
So I'm going to spoiler this. It contains BW2 spoilers that will provide useful for RNG abusers.


New areas called 'Hidden Hollows' have been added to the game. In them you can find various Pokemon that regenerate every day into a new Pokemon/Item. These Pokemon have their DW abilities and aren't just Unova native. Serebii has a full list that have been found so far. Among them are Pokemon such as; Skill Link Minccino & Technician Breloom. Apparently they're shiny-blocked and male gender-locked. However the latter was proven false after someone caught a female Breloom. This is going to help us RNG abusers a lot aaaaa :D
Gurrrrl! If you'd come on IRC more often you'd know we already know. :P