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I hope this is acceptable. If it's okay with you, the egg is going to hatch into a Togepi at some point. If you'd rather, though you can choose what will come out of it instead. I do have a profile made out for the hatchling, which I'll replace the egg's information with when that occurs.

Full Name: Skylar Weathers, or Sky for short
Age: Sixteen
Gender: Male
Hometown: Saffron City

Standing at 5'3''. Skylar is a little short for his age, and his body frame is somewhat on the frail side. Despite this, he's quite athletic for someone coming from a family of psychics. With dirty blond hair and emerald eyes, he doesn't appear offset from his slightly tanned skin. This skin tone is natural; Skylar very rarely visits the beach and has never set foot in a tanning salon. Though he's anything but a fanshionista, Sky understands the importance of dressing nicely when he needs to. Generally, he prefers to wear a yellow T-shirt under a green and red track jacket, with matching shorts. His feet are covered by standard-issue track shoes and loose socks.

Personality: Skylar is a very laid back and casual fellow, though he can be fully attentive when he needs to be. Even tempered and cheerful, he's not overly eager to make new friends, but still enjoys meeting new people and seeing new sights. When it does come down to making friends, Sky makes no distinction between human and Pokemon, and treats them both equally. He's more than willing to help out someone in need, and doesn't expect any reward. As expected for someone coming from a family of psychics, Skylar is intelligent and calculating, though occasionally lacking in street smarts and social skills. As an ammeter comedian, he delights in making people laugh and has a great sense of humor, but also knows when he needs to be serious.

Sky takes a tactical approach to Pokemon battles, and will often change strategies several times throughout a fight, especially when battling with Anna. Though he's had his fair share of battles and a Pokemon League placing, he's not as experienced as most Trainers his age. Skylar would rather teach is Pokemon to perform tricks and make people laugh than train for competitions, but doesn't forget that's what is expected of him as a Trainer.

Biography: Skylar was born to one of the families of Saffron City's famous psychics. Though his parents cherished their little boy, the rest of the family became disappointed when his own ethereal abilities never seemed to emerge. At the age of two, Skylar received his first Pokemon, a young Ralts whom his family hoped would help the boy develop psychic powers. Though this never seemed to happen, the two got along very well. Growing up in such close contact with humans, the Ralts, now named Anna began to learn human speech, and could communicate both verbally and telepathically with just about anyone. This only brought Skylar and Anna even closer to each other, and by the time Skylar was ten, they had become best friends.

Even with minimal battling, their bond was so close that by the time Skylar was able to obtain a Trainer's license, Anna had already evolved into a Kirlia. Even though he already had a Pokemon with whom he was very close, it was still common practice for children to receive a "starter" from Professor Oak. Before beginning his journey in earnest, Skylar traveled to Pallet Town like many children before him, and chose a young Squirtle to be his new partner. Anna was equally pleased with her Trainer's new Pokemon, though the little guy turned out to be quite the prankster, and occasionally got the team in fair degree of trouble.

Time went on, and Skylar eventually collected the eight badges of Kanto from the gyms across the region. At this point, however, he was beginning to realize that battling was perhaps not his cup of tea. He took more delight in teaching his Pokemon to do things like juggle balls or perform slapstick comedy. It was then that he realized he wanted to become a Pokemon comedian... whatever that entailed. Of course, he had already journeyed across Kanto and wasn't going to let that go to waste. The time had come to enter the regional Pokemon League.

Skylar placed in the top ten of the Indigo League, and was satisfied despite not emerging the Champion. Finally, he could begin his career as a Pokemon comedian, though he was still not sure of just what that was. Together with Anna and Kame-sama, he studied humor theory and learned various tricks and stunts. This seemed to be the boy's calling, and though he had yet to become famous, he enjoyed making both humans and Pokemon alike laugh and bringing smiles to their faces. The years passed slowly but happily for Skylar until shortly after his sixteenth birthday.

After performing a show to modest success at the Vermillion City docks, Skylar was approached by two spunky teenagers. They offered him a free ticket for a cruise aboard the legendary SS Anne. Skylar was suspicious at first, but eventually accepted the offer after Anna convinced him he needed a vacation. The boy still remains cautious as he embarks on this journey, thinking there has to be a catch.



Species: Gardevior
Nickname: Anna
Level: 40
Gender: Female
Ability: Telepathy
Moveset: Growl, Calm Mind, Heal Pulse, Psychic, Thunder Bolt
Personality: Anna is a very special Pokemon. She is able to speak most human languages, not just through telepathy but also verbally, which she prefers. Always calm and collected, she enjoys making new friends, be they human or Pokemon, and meeting new people. Anna rather enjoys her status as a talking Pokemon, as she's able to communicate with humans while still reaping the benefits of not being one, such as being able to get into movie theaters and other establishments for free. Having been with Skylar since the two were babies, their bond is extremely close.
Short Bio: Anna was Skylar's first Pokemon, and they have been together since they were both very young. Until Skylar began his journey at the age of ten, she had almost no contact with other Pokemon, and thus learned to speak to humans instead. They are as close as any two human best friends could be. Anna doesn't have a Pokeball, and is always at her Trainer's side.

Nickname: Kame-sama
Level: 32
Gender: Male
Ability: Torrent
Moveset: Tackle, Tail Whip, Aqua Tail, Aqua Jet, Withdraw, Bite
Personality: Cheerful but a bit of a prankster, Kame-sama delights in the funny side of life, much like his Trainer. Unfortunately, he enjoys funny things at the expense of the people and Pokemon around him. Despite this, he does have a serious side and is more than willing to have a good, clean battle at any time. Like any Wartortle he can be easily angered or frustrated, but never gives up a fight even when the odds are stacked against him. Indirectly, Kame-sama is who inspired Skylar to become a Pokemon comedian.
Short Bio: Kame-sama began his life as a Squirtle at Professor Oak's laboratory. He found his life to be rather boring, as the Professor would scold him every time he tried to have a little fun, and was quite glad to be adopted off to any Trainer who'd take him. This turned out to be Skylar, and the two were able to bond fairly easily.

Species: Egg
Nickname: None
Level: 1
Gender: Unknown
Ability: Unknown
Moveset: Unknown
Personality: There's not much to say about this curious egg that Skylar found. It occasionally shakes, but other than that there's no hint of a personality.
Short Bio: Skylar found this egg while walking on the beach one day. There didn't seem to be a mother Pokemon or a Trainer around to claim it, so he picked it up, knowing that whatever was inside wouldn't survive without tender care. It's been in his possession for a few days now.

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