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I'm thinking for Black/White 2 I'm going to make an attempt to train some pokemon I haven't trained before....even though picking up a Roserade, Starmie, Camerupt and Ampharos is very tempting I've used all of them before on story run through. I might drop my starter pokemon for the first time too.

So I might go with...

Octillery (I always forget this pokemon exists, even though it looks cool I never really come across it. I intend for that to change though)

Weezing (Another pokemon I've never touched before, plus Koffing appears pretty early in the game)

Electivire/Magnezone/Galvantula (Undecided which to go to, Electivire seems stronger but then Magnezone and Galvantula have an extra typing....anybody here have an opinion on this?)

Mienshao/Scrafty (Again, Scrafty has an extra typing but Mienshao is still really cool to look at)

Camerupt (I said I wouldn't go for this, but I want a fire type and I'm not interested in any of the other fire types)

Whimsicott/Leafeon/Roserade/Serperior (Another tough decision, I've used Roserade before so I know it won't do me wrong....but then playing it safe is no fun)

I guess I'm not fully decided after all, there's a lot of choice. I might consider just trading in some eggs and going with whatever pokemon I want's annoying having to wait until late in the story to pick up the pokemon you want.

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So far I have a:
Riolu (have fun, like 5% chance at Mareep Farm)
Try searching for a Surskit in Pokemon RSE and you'll learn the definition of fun. 5% is very doable.
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