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Hes not Uber as of yet. Him and Latias will be once Soul Dew is released. Since the guys at Smogon are stupid babies, they will make it Uber, regardless if it has the Soul Dew or not.

Same with Blaziken. Why can't I use BLAZE Blaziken? Speed Boost was the reason it was banned to Ubers! SO IF IT DONT GET THE SPEED BOOST, IT CANT BE UBER.


Since you have a Special attacker Lucario, you should make it Modest or Timid. Natured. You can run a Nasty Plot set for an epic extra boost. I would get rid of Dragon Pulse, since you already have 2 Dragons, plus they get STAB on their Dragon attacks. I also don't think Psychic is a good choice.

I also don't think your Haxorus needs 2 Dragon STABS. Outrage is good enough, especially after a DD. Make it Adamant natured.

But eh, what do I know?
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