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And that's what happens when a team tries to play us instead of shoving 9 people in the box to deflect balls and hope for a counter: the match is much more fluid and entertaining... and that team gets squashed, since we play that game better than anybody else. I wanted to play Germany since I knew they'd try to play, but luckily Italy didn't pull of a Chelsea unlike... everybody else in the tournament until now, and we could play for once.

They had two really good chances, but Casillas was superb and our midfielders proved that you don't need a gigantic tower up there to score (although Torres did score as soon as he got in). The match got completely broken when Prandelli admitted to having chosen the wrong strategy and starting XI and started using his subs like water- and Motta was the cherry on top (did he warm up properly?).

Also I need to sleep XD

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