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Nickname (Optional):Crison

Age (10-13):12 1/2

Sex (Male or Female):Male

Appearance (A picture can be provided instead of a description if you so wish.): Feren is tall for his age with hair that seems darker than night. His eyes are vast blue oceans that teem with the gleam of the emotion he feels at that moment. He usually wears an old trainer outfit, untouched by civilization for years in a dark covert that had been hidden away in a home. He always looks clean, even though though he tredges through thick mud.

Personality (How does your character act and react to others? Their mental state? Flaws and/or personal weaknesses?): Feren is a very friendly person. He seems to keep his wits, even though it may be a terrifying situation. He loves to be around people, though with the life he lives, they are few and far between. When he's angry, he tends to keep a grudge and wonder away, this makes for most of the trouble he gets into.

History (Where did your character grow up? Who did they grow up with? What have the been doing before this? Any noteworthy events?): Feren grew up in the forest just outside of Eterna, therefore making him a bit of a nature freak. He stayed in a large hut that his parents made before the Beedrill attacked and killed them. From then out, his only company was that of his brother. Before, when his parents were alive, they lived carefree. Now, they stayed close and only ventured out when they needed food. At 10, his fourteen year old brother left for Eterna City, mad that he was not a wielder like Feren. Feren was angry, but went on until he decided to travel to Children's City to live.

Pokéspirit (No legendaries. Alternate color schemes are allowed.)

Nickname (Optional)evus

Personality (Can be as short or long as you want):Turtwig is a bright little pokemon who cheers you up when you need it. But when in battle, Turtwig fights with powerful passion.

Moves (Maximum of 6. TM and egg moves are allowed. These are the moves your character gets when they fuse):
Leaf Storm
Seed Bomb
Swords Dance
Giga Drain

Other (Optional): When Feren and Sevus are fused into one, Feren becomes a brighter person than he was before. When he gets into batte, Feren's and Sevus's brightness turns into a passion that can't be beaten. When they are fused together,Feren takes on what looks like an longer form of Turtwig except that he grows a shell on his stomach and back. When Turtwig talks to Feren, he hears it inside his head, but when in fusion with him, Feren and Sevus 's thoughts are united as one.

Opening Post (This will be what we use to determine whether your writing skills are good enough. If accepted, you may feel free to copy paste your post here into the IC thread.): Feren smiled as Sevus made a funny joke. After all, Feren needed the encouragement. His brother had just left and well, things had become even tougher. Feren felt as though he had lost something as valuable as gold and the void could only be filled by the joy his companion seemed to bring him. Dusk turned to sunset as he started to see the horizon of Children's city. Feren turned his head to see Sevus letting out large yawn. They would have to rest soon. Feren and Sevus made there way into the city, bringing some berries and other foods as tokens for their new neighbors.

Extra:Can Feren have a special ability allowing his Turtwig spirit to walk beside him?

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