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Here is Chapter 1 for you all.

Chapter 1

Chaos, champion of all the regions, was on her hidden peak on Mt. Silver. Leaf was below her, thrashing some kid who had a Volcarona. Chaos was due at Oak's in ten minutes. She threw her Pidgeot into the air, sending golden light everywhere. "Pidgeot, fly to Oaks!" she shouted, before jumping on it's back. While they were flying there, she saw an explosionat Giovanni's cave. She threw her Lucar0io down there to check on him. Finally, she arrived at Oak's.

Meanwhile, Giovanni and the executives were climbing into their ship. Archer gave Giovanni his pokemon back. "Good, now we can awaken Groundon and Kyogre." he said, bewildering Ariana. Then, a Lucario, Chaos', came down there, in front of the executives. Giovanni threw a pokeball at the ground, revealing an Arcanine. "Arcanine, flame charge!" he yelled, while Lucario unleashed a powerful bone rush. Arcanine used crunch on Lucario's bone, enraging it. Lucario smashed Arcanine backwards with aura beam, forcing Giovann to return it. "Chaos..." he growled, unleashing an Alakazam and a Machamp. After a long and tiring battle, Lucario juped astride a wild staravia and flew back to Chaos. Giovanni and the executives flew away in their ship.

Chaos stutted through the door, just in time for Oak. "I believe that these three trainers have great potential, so I would like to give them shiny pokemon, from your hand." said Oak. Befoe Chaos could reply, the door was rammed open and the three kids ran in. "Can pick first?" asked Darren, taking a Squirtle from Chaos' hand. "Thank you mam." he said, before standing behind Oak. HIs Squirtle turned out green and orange. One of the girls, Charlotte took a Charmander. "Thank you mam." she said, releasing her new pokemon. It was purple and brown. The last one, Maisie, took a pink Bulbasaur. "I am honoured to recieve this pokemon mam." she said, taking her place behind Oak. They waited in line to recieve their Pokedexes and pokeballs. Suddenly, the wall in front of them collapsed!

Right, I hoe you enjoyed this, the rewrite of chapter 2 will be up soon. The current chapter two is void because it missed about 3 scenes. Don't read it.
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