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Here's my SU, I hope its good enough as I havent really done this before. If something needs to be changed or more added just say and I'll do my best to make it better.


Neolane Aeolila :::: Mist
19 | ♂ | Swimming Instructor
Aquarius -/- Steam

Fashion sense is something that Neolane doesn’t have or care for. He basically lives in a pair of grey board shorts that have two dark purple stripes near the top which is black. Being a coastal person he wears singlets most the time with his favourite being a light gray one that has a fire prohibited sign printed on the front of it. When winter rolls in he has a dark purple jacket that he wears. It is zip up with a flap that comes across from the left and buttons up on top close to the right shoulder. The jacket also has a fur hood he rarely using and gets frustrated by. Being o coastal person he rarely wears covered shoes, living in thongs (flip flops) or sandals most the year.

Being a swimming instructor he has a well-defined body. He stands at 6’1” and weighs in at 79.5kg/175 lbs. Being fairly happy with his body and fitness level he carries himself with pride and has good posture, which makes him look larger than he really is. His hair is fairly short and dark brown with a slight tint of blond at the tips from the time spent in the sun that spikes up slightly at the front. He also has a fair tan from the massive amount of time he spends in the sun while he teaches people how to swim. Neolane’s favourite attribute is his vivid blue eyes that have wonderful streaks of light grey/white dancing around the iris like lightning bolts. He also takes great pride in his smile and teeth which he cares for dearly.

  • Zones out in situations in which he should be giving his whole attention to.

Neolane has a fairly laid back personality which lends people to believe he is lazy and doesn’t listen to people when they talk to him. Being laid back also usually gets him stuck in long conversation with strangers that are pointless as he enjoys conversing with people he hasn’t meet before and is too polite to end a conversation because it is going too long.

Neolane is also a strategist who likes thinking things through instead of just charging in guns blazing. Though he only looks for the most efficient way to achieve the goal, which can end up with a trail of destruction if he believes it’d be the best way to get the job done. This contradicts how laid back he is and shocks most people who see this side of him.

Neolane is a very caring person, especially with children and hates seeing people sad. Sometimes he can take this too far, coming across as an overprotective parent in an effort to stop the people around him from being hurt or saddened. This can also lead to him pushing people away from him if he thinks his presence would bring harm to them.

Working as a team is something Neolane likes to avoid as he doesn’t want to be the reason a teammate is hurt or killed if he fails his part of the mission. Because of this he prefers to work alone so if anything goes wrong he will be the only one that will have the consequences of the failure and no one else will be at risk.

  • Fit/Active People | Unfit/Lazy People
  • Tropical weather | Desert weather
  • Purple | Chocolate Brown
  • Rain | Fire
  • Being able to see the sky | Being in deep caves/places where he can’t see the sky
  • Calm and relaxing environments| Chaotic and stressful environments

Neolane has the ability to use steam magic. Steam magic is magic that uses water/water vapour in the air to create steam. The process of making the steam can also create explosion as people who can use steam have the ability to split the water molecules. Being able to control the steam and its movement to create shields or move objects. The steam created is very hot so can scorch things on contact, even the user, making it a physically dangerous magic to both the user and enemy.

The main downfall of steam magic is its power is determined by the amount of water that the user has access too. It is at its strongest in high humidity or near large expanses of water but leaves the user almost defensive less if there is no water in the air or surrounding them.

  1. Steam: Burst – the water molecules are split with the click of fingers creating explosions in desired locations (though it’s not very precise).
  2. Steam: Push – a blast of steam is created which can be launched to push things back/around
  3. Steam: Shield – A bubble of steam is created around the user to provide limited protection against attacks
->to be updated at the end of each arc; leave blank for now
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