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If you haven't just been watching Ghost in the Shell, I'll eat my hat. xD

Seriously though, I really enjoyed this first chapter. Your vision of the future of Pokemon is both exciting and refreshing. I love the concept of the underground modding community, and I'm looking forward to the modster, chimera, and scratcher concepts you come up with.

I'm also hoping that we learn more about Gwyn's past as a hacker. Character-wise I feel the story's pretty solid so far; we've got a good starting picture of the characters' personalities and how they interact with each other. It remains to be seen how interesting they'll be in the long run, but you can never tell that with the first chapter, and it was good that you devoted most of the chapter to establishing the (awesome) setting and hooking with some (well-realized) action rather than over-expositing the characters.

Though I wasn't poring over the thing for mistakes, all of the grammar and whatnot seemed fine to me. Just one case of missing a space between paragraphs (arggh, those are so easy to miss):

I doubt I'd be happy if I had three legs, two arms and half my muscles dissolved without due warning.
“What do we do?” yelled Chris, firing wildly at the Primeape and opening up red splashes across its hide.
Great chapter, my interest is grabbed, rite moar!

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