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I recently got White, and I'm almost at the Elite Four, and I wanted to get some feedback on my team, just to see how good/bad others think it is.

Oscar (Samurott)
Level 45
~Focus Energy
~Aqua Tail

The Heavy (Conkeldurr)
Level 45
~Bulk Up
~Rock Slide
~Chip Away
~Hammer Arm

Fluffee (Whimsicott)
Level 46
~Energy Ball
~Cotton Guard
~Giga Drain

Diego (Krookodile)
Level 44
~Sand Attack
~Sand Tomb
(I plan to get rid of Sand Tomb in place of Earthquake ASAP)

Zeus (Galvantula)
Level 45
~Signal Beam

Ruby (Chandelure)
Level 44
Flash Fire
~Shadow Ball
~Flame Burst