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Unfortunately the later generations hardly introduced any Poison Pokémon though :( Gen I introduced 34 out of the total 57 Poison type Pokémon; that's well over half of all Poison types. So I agree that they were indeed hugely abundant in Gen I (probably the reason that so few have been made since), but that has left open so many holes for new Poison types to be made which should be taking advantage of the new moves, abilities, strategies, items, etc, all available with the new generation. 'Cos lets be honest, the majority of dual-Poison types such as Venosaur, Crobat, Roserade, Beedrill, Nidoking, etc, don't have their Poison typing focused on much at all. They mainly rely on their other typing's moves and if any the Poison side of them usually goes ignored :x This is why I think we need more Poison types introduced. :D

Or as an alternative it'd be nice to get some new evolutions for existing Poison types; something like Arbok, Wheezing, Muk, etc, could really evolve into a complete beast of a Pokémon. An evolved Muk would be the utter king of stalling. x]