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^ and besides, even if it was, then hell, it's just the same as us doing our wonderful immoralities.
Originally Posted by kylio_27 View Post
Why do pokemon struggle to escape from the bondage of being in a pokeball then? The trainer is anxious in anticipation as the pokeball shakes to see if the pokemon will escape or not.
God knows. Maybe they don't want to? I used to hate everything that I like now, Pokémon included. so who knows? Maybe yes, the "capturing" process can be disrupted, maybe it hurts, but do realize that most of these Pokémon who are getting caught aren't going to deal with having an unworthy trainer. So maybe they're testing us?
Originally Posted by kylio_27 View Post
Combat sports are voluntary, and are not forced on anyone.
Exactly, and neither are Pokémon battles. As Wobbuffett said once, Pokémon follow the intentions of their trainers. That means a real bond has to be between them and their trainers, not any type of slavery, which dogfighting is.
Originally Posted by kylio_27 View Post
Saying that pokemon love to fight is like saying Bulls love to fight in the wild(as they do). Does this mean we have to create an entertainment monopoly on such violence?
If the animals don't mind, we can watch. Hell, watching grass grow as entertainment is just as acceptable.
Originally Posted by kylio_27 View Post
I've seen a cockfight in Portugal, and the roosters are taken care of, some even with luxury.
Well, you've disproved your own point. Just as Pokémon are groomed and treated with care, that means cockfighting is justified as Pokémon battles, and vice versa. Pokémon battles aren't torture, or else Pokémon like Oshawott wouldn't want to come out of their Pokéball for no reason.
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