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Quote originally posted by Para-Dox:
Wingulls appear everywhere, using supersonic all the time, which never misses. Plus whenever I use Wingull, it's useless.
This is the story of my life

Quote originally posted by Sydian:
I remember a Cool Trainer with Milotic kicked my ass after Fortree City. I found all the gym leaders and elite 4 hard, which is something I don't really find anymore. Maybe it was my age. I still have trouble with Tate and Liza sometimes actually.
Tate and Liza only gave me an issue in emerald when they had four pokemon the ruby i murdered them with shiftry and sceptile
Quote originally posted by silverexorcist:
Norman's Spinda was the most obnoxious through my hoenn region playthroughs. I don't mind hard to fight pokemon, but teeter dance was such a pain. I have absolutely no luck by nature, so usually my pokemon decided to hit itself from confusion and it lasted for the maximum length of five turns. Unlike super sonic, which misses nearly as much as it hits, teeter dance never misses, like freaking confuse ray, and I can only cry every time I get hit by it T.T

Despite this, I'm rather fond of Spinda.
Spinda caused me to throw my gameboy across the room multiple times.

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