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Originally Posted by Grandpa Freeman View Post
but every skarmyarmy packs shed shell so there's no point in magnezone it's not really a good pokemon besides ingame also jolteon can get momentum and it's more unexpected plus can sweep a weakened stall or offensive team with tbolt. jolteon acts as a good annoyer for this team to also salamence needs to be fully physical no matter what its my main physical sweeper
Not every Skarmory carries Shed Shell. Magnezone is better in the long run when compared to Jolteon considering Jolteon is very frail. Magnezone can at least hold its own and its Steel typing gives it some decent resistances and other steel types such as Scizor, Ferrothorn etc do not carry Shed Shells and thus can be OHKO'd (maybe 2HKO with Ferro) by Hp Fire. Jolteon is slammed by Scizor and can't do anything to Ferrothorn.
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