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Quote originally posted by Grandpa Freeman:
yeah but i don't use salamence for sweeping i use it for wallbreaking if it weakens up ferro and skarmory that is fine since mamoswine can sweep from there if i was using it for sweeping then yes i would use lum plus no one carries thunder wave on ferrothorn that is pointless since they all run gyro ball this team is based on cracking walls with a lot of power and spikes so u have to know that before rating
I've seen plenty of Ferrothorn's that carry Thunder Wave... And even if it isn't Ferrothorn physically defensive Celebi can still inflict paralysis since Outrage only does 60.89% - 71.53% factoring in the Dragon Gem.

And I've just realized that CB Mamoswine is a huge threat to this team. Earthquake OHKO's Tyranitar. Has a 37.5% chance to OHKO Mamoswine. It also OHKO's Jirachi and Jolteon. CB Ice Shard OHKO's Salamence.
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