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Originally Posted by wombateiro View Post
I agree, Hoenn has nothing left for sequels. On the other hand, it has potential of many things to be added in remakes, like new post-game islands and events.

It must be noticed that sequel stories are made only for regions with connection to solid land, because it gives opportunity to start sequel story in new place - Kanto got story continuation in neighboring Johto. Unova got sequels because of having solid land not included in original B/W. Hoenn and Sinnoh are islands - there is nowhere to make new beginning in those regions. There are also no legendaries left in those regions to make sequels.
Of course, surely we'll see a few new places, just like in FR/LG and HG/SS. But no major changes will be made. Gen 1 and 2 remakes were pretty much the exact same region and story from the originals, so if they remake Gen 3, we can expect the same.

But I don't think it has anything to do with them being connected to land or not. Kanto got the Sevii Islands, which were not technically a part of Kanto if I remember correctly, like how the Sinjoh Ruins were not part of Johto. The new routes in B2W2 make sense because 2 years have gone by. We'll probably see new areas, but not a "new" Hoenn.

Originally Posted by Twilight-kun View Post
Gen V is a reboot of the series, taking place far beyond Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh

as for "There's nothing new to add to Ruby and Sapphire" that is complete bull
I was refering to Legends specifically related to Hoenn, like Groudon Kyogre and Rayquaza. Their stories and purposes have been told. Though, I could see Regigigas being included (though he and the other Regis were in B2W2). But the story of the main Hoenn Legends has been told.

I was only talking about the storyline.

Originally Posted by Twilight-kun View Post
however, I would prefer that all new pokemon from Gen IV&V only appear post-game, much like B/W

seeing a Patrat or Bidoof would be rather stupid since we've already got an infestation of Zigzagoons
They would do this because they did it with Kanto and Johto. Pokemon that weren't originally avaiable in the first games were saved for after you become Champion.
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