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Have 3 badges so far

Arcanine (M) lvl 26 @Flash Fire
Fire Fang, Take Down, Reversal, Dig

Rilou (M) lvl 26 @Steadfast
Force Palm, Quick Attack, Screech, Counter

Tranquill (F) lvl 25 @Super Luck
Air Cutter, Roost, Leer, Quick Attack

Herdier (M) lvl 27 @Intimidate (Silk Scarf)
Work Up, Take Down, Dig, Crunch

Servine (M) lvl 26 @Overgrow (Miracle Seed)
Leech Seed, Growth, Mega Drain, Leaf Tornado

Magnemite lvl 26 @Sturdy
Thunder Wave, Mirror Shot, Thunder Shock, Magnet Bomb

I'm proably going to redo this team soon. It's holding out ok, but I need to rebuild it into a more proper team. Just a complaint though, but I wish the magnet line could have Levitate as a ability.
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