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Name: Charles Rollus, but preferably know as "Chaser"
Prefered Starter Pokemon: Le Rufflet

Roleplay Sample:

Rendez-Vous with Jude Laughner

"We're here sir" Bruni, Chaser's Butler, announced as the limo stopped infront of an enormous golden gate. Bruni rushed out of the limo and opened Chaser's door. "Sir..!" Bruni said as he bowed down a little, showing his respect to his master. Chaser arose from the limo and adjusted his glasses.

"You may depart Bruni. Father must be waiting for you by now" Chaser informed with a polite tone as he walked gently pass Bruni. Bruni nodded and re-entered the vehicle, "I'l come back later in the afternoon to pick you up Sir" Bruni said, and drove off in the black limo.

Chaser watched the car as it departed and then turned around to face the enormous golden gate. He walked up the small pathway and was a bit surprised to see a men in black. Chaser approached without hesitation and went to the anonymous character.

"My presence is your master's desire" Chaser said to the men. The men looked down and replied "The Keyword". Chaser whispered something in the men's ears and without further ado, the men opened the gate and accompanied Chaser to a rather gigantic white mansion surrounded by blooming yellow flowers. Chaser wasn't quite amazed though, he had seen better and those better views were at home. They came to a golden door and the men knocked 5 times on the door. The door opened slowly and a rather weird character was introduced. Chaser could figure out he was a male by his stance and was asured when he heard him talk.

"Why, Hello there! If it ain't one of my unknown friends" said the unknown character. He was dressed up in a white and blue pijama and as far as Chaser could tell, he was the one that desired his presence, "Come in, come in". Chaser walked in leaving the men in black outside. The door shut close and the unknown character leaded them to a Library. Not in Chaser's favour, he stood by the front door.

"Jude Laughner, weird character you are. May i ask what y--.." Chaser was a somewhat strange statue, "Is this the Verenity Statue?" Chaser asked as his eyes widened up to the figure that stood firm on a pedestal.

"Why yes it is... You're one clever litt--"
"Flawless" Chaser interrupted, "This is fake, the real one resides in my Living Room, Tsk". Jude Laughner was offended, and gave a glance at the boy.

"Hmm!!" Jude said with a small grin "That's what I like about you boy", Jude approached Chaser's right ear and whispered "We'd better keep this as our little secret...uh, urhm..i'l give you a candy". Chaser looked at him and let loose a small laughter,

"Do you have strawberry flavour?" Chaser asked as he adjusted his glasses once more, "ahem, you'd better keep this strawberry thing a secret too". With these two odd presence, they went into the kitchen while completely forgot why their main purpose was...radically into candy talk.

A Scattered Dream That's Like A Far Off Memory......!
A Far Off Memory That's Like A Scattered Dream....!
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