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Okay guys, it's Creampuff, and all of a sudden he's been stalking up the Fanfic section recently. Or more accurately because his bro has a fanfic of his own but, let us get to the point : Creampuff made his fanfic. For now, ignore the title cause the first few chapters won't be based on it.

Rating : IDK, maybe everyone above 10 who understand's English quite well.

Okay, but remember this is my first Fanfic and I'm not as good as my bro so, wish me luck!

Characters so far:

Warner Andrew : Male Protagonist #1
Mr. Andrew : Father of Warner
Ms. Andrew : Mother of Warner
Leifèn Schwiz : Second-in-Command of Team Marsh
Galiv Mouscar : Boss of Team Marsh
Team Marsh : Evil Team (xD)

Will be updated as chapters pass


Fuchsia City, Safari Zone
East Sector

“Only 3 more Safari Balls left!” said the Safari Zone guide.
“I know that.” said Andrew.

It was Andrew’s little “vacation” from work, back in Castelia City, in the Unova region. He was almost in his 40’s, and he planned to catch more Pokémon from the Safari Zone for his son, Warner. Andrew was not so enthusiastic about visiting the Kanto region, but he knew Warner had stored many Pokémon in Bill’s PC including a shiny Staryu. He wanted to catch as many Pokémon as possible, and deposit them all in his son’s PC. He might get a surprise the next time he accesses it in Kanto. Andrew wanted to then throw off his shirt and relax near the sea.

He was wearing a tropical, beach-like T-shirt, safari pants and fancy boots, making him look like a complete idiot. But Andrew had his own styles of fashion. “The more you look different, the better you are.” he used to say.

Suddenly, something popped out of the grass. It was wild Chansey, looking rather alarmed to know that someone was nearby.

“A wild Chansey.” breathed Andrew.
“Go! Go! Go!” urged the Safari Zone Guide, “Only a minute remaining to catch it!”

The Safari Zone Warden had cleverly put guides in charge of any visitors who try to play the “Safari Zone Catch a Pokémon” game. He had heard news that people use mischievous tricks to catch Pokémon including physically catching them and then throwing Safari Balls. He also heard people pocket Safari Balls and not return them when asked to put the remaining Safari Balls on the tray. Now the idea was turning out to be rather successful.

Andrew threw a Safari Ball. The Chansey held a surprised expression just before getting inside the Safari Ball.

After the Safari Ball shook a few times, the Chansey broke out, leaving Andrew with two more Safari Balls in his pocket.

“Shoot! I was so close!” said Andrew.

The Chansey risked a mild glance at Andrew, shortly before trying to flee.
“No!” shouted Andrew.

He ran after Chansey, throwing another Safari Ball in the vain attempt to catch it.

“You won’t get away from me, Chansey!” promised Andrew.

He tried to use every tactic. He threw a stone, he threw some bait and he tried making loud, unusual noises to stop the Pokémon. But all that just made the Chansey more desperate to run away.

Andrew gasped. He wasn’t used to chasing wild Pokémon. Why, he was a Pokémon researcher working for the world famous “PokéShon” company, who researched Pokémon history and existence. How to chase a Pokémon wasn’t exactly on the list for job priorities in his contract.

He was getting tired now. He decided to catch the Chansey using his strength. He leaped and caught the Chansey’s leg, seconds before using the last Safari Ball on it. The Chansey came out caught.

“Yes!” gasped Andrew. He was too tired to celebrate so he simply lay down to rest.
“Congratulations, sir,” gasped the Safari Zone Guide, who apparently wasn’t a good runner either, “But you must release the Chansey.”
Andrew quickly got up and enquired, “Why?”
“That’s because you have used physical force to capture that Pokémon.” growled the guide, having explained this quite a lot of times, “And that’s against the rules.”
“But couldn’t you make an exception?” pleaded Andrew, “You know how hard it is to find a wild Chansey.”
“I’m sorry sir, but rules are, and always will be, rules.” said the guide, “We will have to go to the exit from here. Either way, your time is also up and you have run out of Safari Balls.”

Back in the office, Andrew got a phone call from his wife.
“Honey, we are in trouble.” said Ms. Andrew in an urgent tone.
“Why, what happened?” asked Andrew.
“The Pokémon Storage System in Kanto has been infiltrated.” said his wife.
“What?” asked back a surprised Andrew.
“Yes, all of Warner’s Pokémon, including the shiny Staryu.” said his wife.
“This is a disaster!” gasped Andrew. “What do Professor Oak and Bill have to say for themselves?”
“I couldn’t reach Bill, but Professor Oak said that the Pokémon Storage system was left… “Unhandled”.” said his wife.
Unhandled? He wondered. How?

Comments from my part:

Let me get you straight, Andrew is not the main hero or something, as explained in the Characters section. I'm not going into further details as it will render spoilers. I didn't want to make my Prologue creepy, mysterious and less-dialogued because I didn't feel like. If there is any kind of vagueness in this story, it could be revealed in later chapters, but for the sake of it, please add in your reviews. This story is not meant to be fast-read, meaning it does not take too much time in describing things which you could just skip through. I didn't put all those spaces to make it feel longer. This whole thing was made in MS Word and I'm positive there is negligible amount of spelling errors, though grammatical mistakes might be frequent.
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