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...yyyeeeah. Maybe it's best if NO ONE posts all of that information on this thread, mainly because that's a MASSIVE amount of information.

BUT, I think the Join Avenue is absolutely adorable. <3
I don't think there's a single thing that I would change about the Avenue at all. nothing. xD

If I had my own shop I would sell:
Soothe Bell (limit 1 per customer)

Luxury Ball

Pomeg Berry
Kelpsy Berry
Qualot Berry
Hondew Berry
Grepa Berry
Tamato Berry

Basically everything that boosts happiness (barring the stat boosters)

I think the items available in this feature are really fun and neat. Like, a salon that boosts EVs? I'M GAME, YO.

Over all I'm extremely excited to get Black 2 and White 2 now, especially since it has a giant shopping mall. c':
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