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A Journey of the Fallen
OOC/SU Thread

It's been eight weeks since Dr. Arden Stone's message. After a tedious, three day long ferry ride, you finally make it to Pandora with the other travellers. You may have got to know them along the way, you might not have; it all depends on the kind of person you are.

Now that you're on Pandora, you can understand what the stories what about; dense forests can be spotted in the distance and everything just feels different. But first, maybe we should introduce the village...

Atara Village

The most populated area on the island, Atara Village is located in the southern most part of the Southern District. In the eight weeks that Pandora has been known to the public, already small cottages have been built to house a variety of people. Though not always bustling with people during the day (most people are out exploring while the sun is out), there's plenty to be done at night. Those who have found things good enough to sell are displaying them in the Marketplace, which are scattered along the shoreline. If you'd like to stay somewhere, there are a few inns located in town.

The main attraction of Atara Village is the temple in which the village is based around. If you want to have a look around, go for it but most of the explorers have cleaned out the place. The only thing left are some wild Pokémon and some broken pottery or something. Living at the very top of the temple (which you can reach from either taking the spiral staircase on the inside or the ramp on the outside) is another Geologist who runs a small medical clinic and PokéCentre, and who may have a job for you if you ask nicely.

If you like, you can get a head start and go north-east along the dirt path into the wilderness. Take note; the forests are dangerous at night as Pokémon are more hostile when they are woken. Or, if you've really got balls, there's a skinny path that leads to the north-west. People rarely take that way during the day, and don't even attempt during the night. The risks are far too great.

If you're thinking about stocking up before going out, try talking to the merchants; they may have more for sale than what they show.


Potion - 150P
PokéBall - 200P
Repel - 300P
Fresh Water - 200P
Rations - 100P
Stone glyph - 1000P
Mysterious rock - 800P

TM11 SUNNY DAY - 1500P


ZUBAT - Common
  • Leech Life
  • Supersonic

DIGLETT - Common
  • Scratch
  • Sand Attack

  • Hypnosis
  • Lick
Route 1


Route 5
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