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Quote originally posted by ShinyUmbreon189:
Madden series. Yes, they have gone downhill since idk when but if you know how to play the actual game and know your plays then the game can be very fun.
Black Ops. I don't get why people have given so many bad remarks on this game, I mean it's better than MW2, it doesn't have killstreak stacks, no recoil (weapons have recoil in real life, pick up an assault rifle and tell me it doesn't have recoil!) The only flaw is that sometimes it takes WAY too many bullets to drop someone but still a fun game if you play smart.
I kind of passed the stage of older games and moved on to newer gen and that is my PS3 and that's about all I could think of ATM.
Did you seriously just call a CoD title, the most overrated franchise on the planet underrated? Let's look at those ratings that they definitely paid for:

Those are for Black Ops, they're much higher than they should be. Now, if you mean overlooked, that's a the exact same story told from a different perspective. The core audience goes gaga about CoD (claiming that they're hardcore, for some reason), and Black Ops was no different.

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