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Originally Posted by PsychoToxin View Post
Do you plan on working with the creator of A-map to include the new pokes?
I sent him a message some time ago, but he hasn't answered me. I'm not even sure if Lu-Ho is even involved in hacking any more.

There is an "unofficial" A-Map 1.92 which supports the new Pokémon, but I don't have it. (Yes, I know, I'm making the patch, but I don't have the A-Map which would help me with it - Ironic, huh?)

Originally Posted by ManOfSteele View Post
I'm aware it was already in the game; there was no real elaboration on the split, which to me is one of the most appealing aspects of this patch. I've always hated how Pokemon like Gengar, Gyarados and Salamence could never fully utilize their STABs with their best stats. I was simply asking for further clarification.
If I was to say that Gengar + Shadow Ball is an absolute BEAST, would that answer your question?

It gets STAB + SCAB. Amazing!
STAB = Same Type Attack Bonus
SCAB = Same Category Attack Bonus (It's not an official bonus, of course, just applies because Gengar's Sp. Atk is very high, so it gets a huge boost from it)
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