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Originally Posted by Rodriguezjames55 View Post
like your elsea but my jasmine was pretty good
Sorry, but it really isn't all that great, for one the colors are TOO bright. Lower your contrast a bit. Also, are there only 2 shades for her hair? Again, that's fine if you can pull it off, but again, the contrast is too high and it just looks grainy.

It's good to listen to others for constructive criticism. Wasn't this a resource for people who want to use them in hacks? Well I'll tell you for certain, no one will use these if you don't fix them.

I also made a Volkner Sprite: Please don't post it without my permission.

EDIT: Please remove my Elesa Sprite from the resource, I never gave you permission to post it here...

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I also started messing with soundfonts... Check the rest of my channel for more.
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