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Damon Malruth
Kanto Enclave

The Adriados pulled away as he finished tying him up and Urta nodded, "Right, teleporter, we go. We need another teleporter and some soldiers to wait here for Damon. You all will stay." She said as she pointed at a some soldiers. The rest of the soldier gathered around a psychic and with that they teleported away.

Birch Enclave

The soldiers reappeared in the cavern they had left earlier that day and Urta grabbed hold of the still bound up Caedmon. "Right, everyone relax, go and do whatever you need to do." With that she walked off, making sure the Lucario followed behind her. "You know, you got some explaining to do." She said as she walked with him.


Maverick Renos

There was a loud sound in the air as a Exploud got in front of the Council Chambers and began to let out some loud shouts that were heard around the city. It was a signal only sounded in great times of distress. Every knight in the city was to gather together. There was a emergency. Immediately the pokemon in armor began to head to the Chambers and headed inside. Many crowded around the ground floor as they talked among each other as they waited for Maverick to appear.
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