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Update 3

Obtained my C-Gear healed up and pressed on, i visited the day car and battled all the little children, then Cheren thought it would be a good idea to battle me again, i defeated him quite easy and Furball evolved. I then went into the grass and caught a Pidove i nicknamed it BirdBrain. Then Bianca told me Team Plasma stole some little girls pokemon and i chased after them, before fighting them i encountered a Woobat, which i was going to kill, but the B*($H killed my Birdbrain so i caught it and named it Gale. I then beat both the plasma goons and healed up, and continued to venture to the next city, i battled a few trainers who killed Gale with a OHKO. so i saved it and turned it off.

Current Team

WhamShell Lv 14

Tail Whip
Focus Energy
Water gun

FurBall Lv 16


Pyro Lv 12

Fury Swipes


Current Graveyard

Leo the Purloin Lv4
BirdBrain the Pidove Lv9
Gale the Woobat Lv10


Deposited Pokemon

Slave the Patrat (unusable)

Thoughts as of yet.
What Crap Pokemon Unova has they all die so easily. Pyro has b en really lucky holding on with like 1hp its not actually skill thats keeping him alive its just dumb luck. Furball is good but im starting to think it is one of those Pokemon that are strong at the start of the game because they are simply better than everything else available, and as the challenge progresses it will get weaker and weaker. So i honestly don't know how my team will shape i wish i had access to a POLIWAG.
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