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Done a lot on ruby without updating
Started with Treecko cuz cut/flash
Beat may and caught ralts Grinded to LV 6 to get confusion then up to LV 9
had to use Treecko i BOTH fights with the magma grunt (stupid Dark type)
Roxanne was tough but using an oran berry an X special and 3 super potions i beat her at level 15 with ralts.
Brawly was cake for Ralts it was close (like 2 HP) but he stupidly used bulk up and i 2 shotted Makuhita. got Abra and grinded to LV 11 off wild pokes in graanite cave. got letter to steven and beat the trainers south of slateport.

Ho LV 19 Ralts (f)
Moostache LV 15 Abra (M)