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“So… you are here because you want to become a member of Team Rocket, right?” A girl in the big brown oak chair said as she looked over some papers.

“Almost correct,” Proton replied. “I used to be a member of this team. Now I want to become a member once more, but of this revised version of the team.”

The pink haired girl sat up on her chair and began to scratch her chin. She then used her hand to smooth out her long pink hair as she still read the papers. She looked up the young male with her green eyes narrowing at him and then looking back at the folder. While she did so, Proton surveyed the office and all the pictures hanging on the wall. The office’s walls were painted brown and there was black leather furniture on the side of the room. The girl then gave him a smirk as she starts to scratch her chin again while she used her other hand to ring a small bell on the desk.

“Impressive…” she said slowly as she rubbed her nose. “You used to be… executive? You look pretty young to be an executive. But then again, I’m two years older than you and I’m the CEO of this team.”

“Yes, I have. In fact, I saw one of your executives on TV this morning. I happen to know him,” the male replied.

Before she could say anything, they heard footsteps coming at a fast pace towards the room they were in. The girl stood up once it felt like the person was in the room and gave a big grin. The door closed and she brought up her arms as a motion for this person to give her a hug.

“Proton?! Is that you?” the familiar voice said as he patted the young man on his back.

There came a young man with light swirly pink hair. That same one he saw complaining on TV. He had on his black uniform with red stripes on the front. He went over to the girl and gave her an endearing but quick embrace and a kiss on her lips before she walked out of the room. As soon as it seemed like she left, the two guys went over to each other and gave each other a man hug before sitting down.

“Petrel, no time no see!” Proton exclaimed.

“Hey, I never expected that you’d be here,” Petrel said as he got out a few papers. “What brings you here? What’s up, man?”

“Nothing much, just wanting to reunite with my old team,” the aqua haired young man replied.

Proton sat himself up in his chair and smirked as he pulled out a piece of folded notebook paper from his pocket. He puts it on the table as he makes himself comfortable by putting his feet on the footstool that was in front of him. Petrel scans over the documents before looking up at his longtime friend. He scratched his head as he takes out a pen.

“Kay Proton, since I am your interviewer and the person who decided if you are on the team or not, I will ask you a few questions,” Petrel explained. “These are Amy’s orders, not mine. Normally she’d be the one doing the choosing but she’s not feeling well so that’s why you only saw her for that short time.”

Proton nodded as he prepared himself for the questions that were about to be asked. He makes himself even more relaxed by putting his arms behind his head as a pillow.

“Okay, first question is, are you at least over the age of 12?” Petrel asked.

Proton just nodded yes at the pink haired young man as he gave him the ‘yeah duh’ expression on his face.

“Alright, second question is do you have any experience with Team Rocket or in the detective field?”

The young man nodded yes to that question. ‘You know, you and I were on the same team. Of course I have experience on this team!’

“Third question is that if we asked you to take a drug test, would you do it and would you pass it?”

Proton nodded his head yes as he tilted his head to the right in boredom. ‘When is this going to be over?’

“Okay last question and I have to ask you this anyway. Are you pregnant or nursing?”

Proton looked at Petrel with a death glare. His fist started to clench as the pink haired young man started to laugh at him. He quickly got up from his chair and proceeded to wave his fist at him. Though Petrel no longer laughed, he retained a friendly smile as his puts his hands over his head as a motion to back off.

“Peace, my friend. I had to ask that question. I have to ask every newcomer that question, my girlfriend’s orders,” he explained. “I’m done with the basic questions so we got that part covered.”

Proton proceeded to sit back down in the chair as he looked at the folded piece of paper that was in front of him. Maybe, just maybe since Ellie was on this team, maybe Petrel knows where she is and can deliver this said paper to her. The aqua haired kid took the paper off the desk and looks over it, making sure that he didn’t leave out anything or say anything wrong in the note.

“Yo Petrel, do you know someone named Ellie on this team?” Proton asked hesitantly. “I saw her on TV and she had the uniform on.”

Petrel raised his eyebrow at the boy’s question as he gave him a smirk. “Ellie eh? She’s on this team. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I need you to give this to her,” Proton said as he handed the young man the note. “Please don’t tell her that I was here or that I wrote it. Also, please don’t read it; I only want her to read it.”

Petrel took the note from his hands and scanned his eyes across the folded paper. As much as it would have tempted him to take one peak inside it, he couldn’t do so. He slowly puts the note in his shirt pocket as he gathers the other papers on the desk. Proton sat there as he raised his eyebrow when the pink haired young man started to chuckle under his breath. ‘What the hell is he laughing at?’ he thought as the expression of anger came on him.

“Sorry, Proton I had to chuckle a little,” Petrel said as he caught the boy’s expression. “I think it’s cute that you have a thing for Ellie, that’s all. I mean… do you like her? When a guy passes a note to a girl, it usually means that they like them.”

Proton remained silent. He did not want to say a word and it was as a signal for the guy to drop the subject. He did not feel comfortable going into details about his interest in meeting Ellie and especially not to Petrel. He’s his friend, but sometimes he can get carried away with certain topics. He sat there, silent while giving Petrel the death glare. His face was turning beat red as he clenched his fist. Once again, Petrel still retained a friendly smile as he puts his hands up in peace.

“Hey, I’m just giving you a hard time. I won’t speak about it anymore,” the pink haired guy said as he stood up and stretched. “I’ll jot down my number and I’ll call you maybe.”

As he took a piece of paper from a small sticky pad, Proton proceeded to laugh. He also got up and wrote down his name and number on a sticky pad paper as well. He then took his hand and grasps Petrel’s shoulder as he still chuckled. ‘You are something else…’ he thought as he smiled. After they exchanged numbers, they gave each other another friendly hug before Proton was about to leave. However, before he left, he turned and gave a hard smile.

“Oh and about your TV appearance, I thought you should know that you are so thin, you can hang glide on a Dorito!” Proton exclaimed. “So you cannot complain about the camera adding ten pounds.”

“Oh shut up, you!” Petrel said with a grin as he threw a paper ball at him and missed.

The aqua haired boy stuck out his tongue as he proceeded to leave the building.


It was almost dusk as the sun was going down. The streetlights were starting to come on as people were preparing to either walk or drive home for the evening. Ellie sat on a bench in front of the Team Rocket building, anxiously waiting for the agency to close for the night. There was a rule that no one leaves unless the CEO said they could. She held on to her duffel bag as she nervously looks at her surroundings. She twisted the bottom of her mini dress as she nervously looks at the people walking and driving by as well.

“Hey there,” a familiar voice said at the door behind the person closed. “How’s it goin’ Ellie?”

“Not much, Petrel,” the young girl replied as she looked up at the young man. “Thanks for asking.”

Petrel smiled as he proceeded to sit next to the girl. Ellie felt a little more comfortable for she did not clench to her bag and dress as much as she did before. They both gave each other a friendly hug before having a brief conversation. However, before they could do that, Petrel just remembered something. ‘The letter!’ he thought as he reached into his shirt pocket and handed the girl a piece of folded notebook paper. When she took the paper, Ellie looked up at him with a confused look on his face.

“Remember when we told you guys that we were getting a new member?” Petrel started. “Well I was talking to him this afternoon and he gave me this, wanted me to give it to you. I don’t know what it says but he wanted you to read it.”

Ellie looked at the paper with such confusion. ‘How does this new member know of me? And why did he write me a note?’ Although she was afraid to read what was inside, she unfolded the piece of paper and decided to read it anyway, just to get it out of the way. When she finally unfolded the paper, she began to read it. It was short but what was in it made her shocked, confused and nervous at the same time. It read:

My dearest Ellie,

You may not remember me but we have met before. I have wanted to get in touch with you ever since our team disbanded but no luck. So to see you on TV, and there you were. I was honestly shocked. With everything that has happened to us Ellie, I want to meet you and mostly hold you in my arms while I tell you how much I’ve missed you. Question is will you give me that chance? Will you give us a chance to make something of ourselves?

I know it seems like my thoughts are wandering but I couldn’t help but be shocked by what I saw. Not only that, but be angry with myself by not giving you my number sooner when I last saw you. When you see me on the team one day, I hope you can recognize me so that we can chat and catch up with each other, and maybe spend quality time with each other. Well, I’m going to go before my hair turns gray and my name becomes Shakespeare. But know that when I see you, you are going to be shocked. You really are…

Love, your secret admirer.

When she finished reading, Ellie puts the paper down on her bag in shock. She couldn’t believe that a guy would write to her saying that he wanted to meet her. She didn’t know what to think at this point. Ellie was happy, but she was mostly scared and nervous at the same time. ‘This is nice… but what if this person is lying? What if they actually want to attack me? I’m surprised that they chose me of all people! Me!’ The more she thought of this, the more tears started to well up in her eyes.

“Are you okay, Ellie?” Petrel asked as he took his hand and started to rub her back.

As soon as he did that, Ellie suddenly came closer and leaned against Petrel’s chest while her arms were around his waist tightly. She needed someone to lean on, someone to hold her at the moment, and he was right there. Petrel was hesitant seeing that this girl was now leaning against him; however he knew that she needed comforting. So he puts his other arm around her as he still rubs her back.

“I’m scared, Petrel,” Ellie cried. “I’m afraid that he'll come and attack me…”

“I know… I know…” he whispered in her ear in a soothing tone. "We won't let that happen, okay?"
Proton sat down in his kitchen, eating dinner. So many things were running through his mind. When he does get accepted into the team, will Ellie remember him? How would she take to him? Will she even give the guy a chance to get to know her? All these thoughts and more were conversing in his head until he heard a bing go off on his phone. He picked up his P-phone and there was a text message from Petrel.

congats u made the team. u start 2mrrw. b thre at 8oclk with ur old uniform.

When he read the message, he literally dropped his phone on the table. His heart started to beat faster, his head was suddenly warm as he gave a hard smile. He grasped on to his pant leg as he used his other hand to text him back.

ty Petch, see ya tomorrow

With that, he got up from the table and proceeded to go into the bedroom to sleep for the night.


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