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Name: Olli97, Olli for short.
2 Partner Pokemon: Suicune and Lapras.
Why do you want to swim with us?: The Water typing in itself is probably the most popular in the whole franchise, and a lot of the Water type Pokémon are popular as well. I personally find most of them to be pretty unique, with interesting concepts, and the Water type moves are some of my favourite, Surf probably reaching my most used moves of all time lol.

What is your favorite Water Type Pokemon and why?

While I'd like to say Lugia, I keep forgetting that it isn't a Water type Pokémon, so it'd probably be Suicune. My liking to it goes far back to when I was playing Silver, just running around the region, training my Pokémon and whatnot, when I suddenly encountered it. I don't remember if I had heard of it before that, but I know I was suprised, because unlike with Latios from the third generation games, I knew this one was special. So yeah, I attempted at catching it, only to find out that it ran away, and from there on I went on my search for it, looking for a long time, untill the day when I finally caught it. So yeah, it was the first of the three dogs that I ever caught, and I just felt really proud at the time because it was a whole new challenge.

To add on, I really really really love its design. It has a really majestic feel to it, and it's something I've always loved about it, something I didn't feel like many other Pokémon had. Out of its anime roots, I do think it's actually the most "legendary" of them all, since only a selected few people should've been able to see it, since it only shows itself to those worthy, so that just helped on making me feel proud xD
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