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What is your Favorite Water Pokemon & Why
My favorite Water Type Pokemon would defiantly be Oshawott, because of his cute looks, but also because his personality in the anime is even cutter! In the anime is really shy, yet he is baus at the same time, coming in to save Ash and his Pokemon every chance he got! Just watch the first few episodes of the B/W season and you'll know what i'm talking about ;-)
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Name: Sector Revenge
2 Partner Pokemon: Pharaoh the Palkia & Marissa the Milotic
Why do you want to swim with us?: Swimming is amazing. The smell of the fresh water and swimming with the Pokemon is priceless. Oh, I'd love to get tan, but instead of the beach, use Lapras' back to lay on instead!

Favorite Water Pokemon & Why:
Well this was a tough choice. But because Palkia is easily one of my top 5 favorites because of its amazingly scary looks, I'd have to go with him. Not because his only weakness is Dragon due to his Dragon/Water typing, its because I love its design overall. Though it does seem like the Dragon/Water typing does seem like the reason as I used to love Kingdra till he came along. Milotic is easily my favorite because she's amazingly beautiful & she's very bulky. Same goes with Vaporeon prior to her first appearance. You could say I might like new and approved, right? LOL
Welcome to the club Sector, glad to have you here!
But anyways, yeah Palkia is kinda OP in my opinion because of it's typing combination, honestly I didn't like the looks of the 4th gen mascots when d/p came out. I think they look a bit too cartoony, but meh, that's my opinion.

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To add on, I really really really love its design. It has a really majestic feel to it, and it's something I've always loved about it, something I didn't feel like many other Pokémon had. Out of its anime roots, I do think it's actually the most "legendary" of them all, since only a selected few people should've been able to see it, since it only shows itself to those worthy, so that just helped on making me feel proud xD
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Yes, I have to say, Suiccine's design is one of my favorites as far as water type Pokemon go also, i'm very happy in the way it looks, making it an awesome pokemon!