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NB: In Sacred Gold and Storm Silver, the Elite Four can be battled in any order. However, I will be battling them in the correct order.

-Stocked up on items at the Indigo Plateau
-Made it all the way to Elite Four Karen but the I was defeated by her Houndoom and its tendency to spam Heat Wave
-Decided to train up a bit more by battling the Trainers I missed along the path to the Pokemon League
-Flew back to Cianwood City and headed toward the Safari Zone, battling all Trainers who crossed my path
-Flew to Blackthorn City and headed to New Bark Town, once again battling all Trainers who crossed my path
-Finally went back to the Indigo Plateau; stored Feraligatr, Staraptor and Gyarados in the PC again; and stocked up on items again
-Decided to mix things up a bit and challenge the Elite Four in a different order

-Challenged Elite Four Karen
-Earth Power twice KO'd Mightyena
-Earth Power OHKO Houndoom
-Water Pulse then Earth Power defeated Spiritomb
-Blizzard OHKO Honchkrow
-Double Water Pulse defeated Absol
-Used two FR then defeated Umbreon with Earth Power and Water Pulse
-Elite Four Karen was defeated

-Healed up then switched Angewomon to the front of my team

-Challenged Elite Four Bruno
-Psychic OHKO Hitmontop
-Switched to Shirayuki and Earth Power OHKO Lucario
-Switched back and Psychic OHKO Hitmonlee
-Angewomon learned Hypnosis
-Hypnosis then Psychic defeated Hariyama
-Two hits of Psychic took out Machamp (not so much of a champ now, are you?)
-Psychic OHKO Hitmonchan
-Elite Four Bruno was defeated

-Healed up again and switched Shirayuki back to the front

-Challenged Elite Four Will
-Iron Tail OHKO Jynx
-Three hits of Water Pulse took down Solrock (Will used a Full Restore)
-Switched to Angewomon and hit Slowbro with Shock Wave three times to KO it
-Three more hits of Shock Wave fried Xatu
-Switched to Shirayuki, used a Max Potion and used Water Pulse twice to wash away Lunatone
-Used Earth Power, then a FR and then Water Pulse again a few more times to KO Gardevoir
-Elite Four Will was defeated

-Healed up (including an Elixir for Shirayuki)

-Challenged Elite Four Koga
-Blizzard OHKO Venomoth
-Earth Power OHKO Toxicroak
-Switched to Angewomon and used Psychic to OHKO Weezing
-Used Psychic twice to KO Crobat
-Switched back and used Earth Power to OHKO Muk
-Shirayuki lost to Tentacruel but a Revive fixed that problem
-Used a FR then Earth Power OHKO'd Tentacruel
-Shirayuki learned Sheer Cold
-Elite Four Koga was defeated

-Healed up again and switched Angewomon to the front

-Challenged Champion Lance
-Three hits of Shock Wave took out Gyarados
-Used Shock Wave, a Full Restore and Shock Wave again to KO Aerodactyl
-Another FR then two Shock Waves KO'd Charizard
-Switched to Shirayuki and Blizzard OHKO Dragonite
-Blizzard OHKO Garchomp
-FR then Sheer Cold defeated Dragonite
-Champion Lance was defeated

-Shirayuki and Angewomon were added to the Hall of Fame


NB: Shirayuki is Lv.68 and Angewomon is Lv.62.
That's the challenge halfway done. Now all I've got to do is defeat the Kanto Gyms and Red.
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