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Wow, this story is so amazing so far. You had me sitting here reading it all morning. I enjoy it; it is very well written, and I love how you included old familiar characters like Lorelei and Sabrina! :]

Also, I love how Red is portrayed as the bad guy. I never cared for Ash/Red, so it's humorous to see him in that state. Also, his "accident" just adds a whole new level of darkness to Pokemon in general. And I love how you tied in the actual plot from the games with your story. [Red being at Mt. Silver, Red living at home with just his mom---not knowing who his dad is, and stuff like that].

I'd love to see more Blue/Gary though. He's badass, you know. Leaf and Lisa make a wonderful duo, and are too cute together!

So how old is Red if he is smoking a crack pipe and drinking Jack Daniels? If you went by the real time, he'd be what? 23-ish now? I just can't help but laugh that Red is a crack head. does he smoke that with his injured throat?