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It's just... it's watching exercise. People fighting each other to be better at exercise.
That's...a really odd way to word it. It's competition, people like watching competition (even if it isn't always physical) and supporting whoever they think is the best or someone who in some way represents them. (hence fans of countries) I can understand people not liking sports though, I used to despise them as a kid and even now the only sports I'd consider myself a huge fan of are soccer and basketball. It's just odd to word it as simply "exercise", you're stripping away other factors that go into making sports interesting.

The Olympics, at least in the US, aren't actually all over the place. There's some terrible broadcasting going on in one channel and...well, depending on where you go to for news, it's not the number one topic. If you're going to the TV for news, you do have to understand that they're never going to be covering every important topic, just whatever gets them the best ratings at the time. Real news sources are able to cover a much broader spectrum of topics.